Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Mania!

I was really trying to wait until I got back to DC to purchase my new Harry Potter book (one less piece of crap to deal with in this tiny, half-packed hellhole apartment and one less thing to weigh down my poor old Accord in the mountains), but as I may have mentioned before, I am not always the best at resisting temptation.

So here it is... MY copy of the last Harry Potter book...

Yes, I tried to recreate Harry's pose.

*** Non-Harry Potter fans (heathens that you are)... my apologies in advance as the rest of this blog may bore/baffle you because you don't know the characters about which I write, but tough crap, you should have read the books by now.***

I should mention here that my 36-year old brother has been calling me on a daily basis over the last few days to give me his take on what he thought was going to happen at the end of the book.

His prediction (and I don't know if he's right since I haven't even opened my copy yet)... Snape & Pettigrew will help Harry kill Voldemort, and Harry will become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwart's.

The nerd (that is, my brother) actually attended one of those all night Harry Potter parties last night to get his copy (I will accede that he does have a 5-year old daughter who he brought with him, giving a little more legitimacy to his attendance at such an event), and then he called me today to tell me he finished the whole book already. Apparently he read from 1-3 am last night and then woke up at 7 am and read all day without stopping until he finished around 5 pm.

He also informed me that at the most recent HP movie (I think it's Order of the Phoenix?), he sat near an older woman who had costumed herself to look exactly like Delores Umbridge, which he found very amusing.

Indeed, there are few things I appreciate more than adults festooning themselves in costumes from a children's book...

See here:
Subject # 1...

Wanna-Be Hufflepuff

Dweebs in a mall...

... with the bonus addition of some poor giant-like human transformed into Hagrid.

Quidditch rocks!!!!!

You know this guy lives for Renaissance Festivals.

Is this an Allman Brothers band member?...

... or Hermione circa 1972?


... with a light saber. Wrong series, man!

And this priceless video catch is my favorite...

Sorry, but I have to ask... are they a special needs group?

I think it's fair to say that Harry Potter knows no boundaries.

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JC said...

And people make fun of Star Wars nerds. Pfft.