Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sweat It Up With Karaoke

My life is kind of like Groundhog's Day right now. Except that today I'm not babysitting because the family is in Disneyland so I'm considering this unpaid vacation time.

I should mention that it's supposed to hit 114 degrees today. I gave up on riding my bike to work last week because on the one day I did ride, it was well over 100 degrees, I had completely sweat all the way through my clothes before 8 am, the baby recoiled from my sweaty limbs, and I decided I'm not quite that masochistic (toward either myself or small children).

This cartoon character scares me, actually.

Speaking of masochism, I still have not turned on my A/C once this summer. My swamp cooler actually does a pretty good job, and heat really doesn't bother me all that much, as long as I'm not in the sun. By 3 pm, my place does heat up a bit, but then I just go to the gym or the pool, and it's cooled off again by the time I get back.

Christ, I think I've been talking about the weather for two paragraphs now.

Let's move on to something more exciting... namely, my going away party...

Listen up, Tucsonians/Tucsonans/Tucsonites:


Why, you ask?

It's my last Friday in Tucson, and I have already put money down to rent a KARAOKE MACHINE. Yes, a KARAOKE MACHINE from a DJ company here in Tucson. The party will take place in Ingrid's backyard and/or living room, and we will all drink lots of beer, wine, and cocktails and sing to our hearts' content.

Honestly, we can't be any worse than these people...

... and they got to sing in front of a whole soccer stadium!


laughing said...

whoo-hoo! I can't wait! :)

JC said...

Gawd, was that Special Olympics?

I've never understood why I see so many people riding bicycles in Tucson when it's 110 out. I would die within 5 minutes.