Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Car Tires Are Getting Poked More Than I Am

For the first time in a while, I'm a little stumped about what to write this evening.

The problem is... almost nothing has happened to me in the past 24 hours aside from my usual routine, and I've already written about that around 5,000 times in the past month.

Oh, wait! I know! I got another giant nail in my tire today!

I actually heard it clickety-clacking last night on the way to Gerry's, and I thought it was a crappy station wagon* driving next to me until it passed me...

...and then I realized I was the one driving the shit car because the noise didn't go away.

So as I was leaving babysitting today, it was making this clackity noise out the driver's window. I pulled over on a side street to do a quick inspection, and what do I find? A giant spike in my rear left tire. At first I thought it was a rock so I started to pull it out, only to realize that under the "rock" (which was actually a round metal spike top), a giant nail was implanted in my tire.

This marks Round Three at Discount Tire of Tucson in the past year (if you're really dying to hear about my last tire dilemma, click here). Thank god I got smart and got a warranty because I've gotten my last two tire replacements free. That place is starting to become my second home. Also thank god I had Harry Potter with me at the time so I had a way to occupy myself for 90 minutes.

Anyway, this is something I will not miss about Tucson... shitty gravel alleys and dirty roads.

This tire destruction is getting old.
* -- And yes, I believe it was a Plymouth Volare wagon (as seen in the picture), which reminded me of my high school friend, Heather K., whose parents lovingly bestowed one upon her in our teen years. It only had an AM radio so we would jam out to Christian rock and organ music whenever she drove. One time we crashed it into the molding on the side of her house's garage door, and we super glued the wood back, hoping her parents wouldn't notice. Unfortunately for her, I think they did. Also, our friend Brian threw up one night in the back seat after too many beers. That car was a real keeper!


laughing said...

Ha! Your post titles are sparkling gems lately! Without anything to write about, you must be concentrating your creativity on the titles. ;)

Anonymous said...

Drive carefully Miss Bartels. A leaving tribute:

Anonymous said...

sorry I screwed up the link

JC said...

I guarantee you I beat you on length of non-poking activity. Wait, did I just say that out loud?