Monday, July 09, 2007

I Heart Tobias & Mrs. Featherbottom

Back to the grindstone here... babysat this morning.

Washing my car and going to the gym this afternoon.

I probably should be packing up more sh*t in my apartment, but for some reason, this lackluster schedule of mine has actually left me with less energy than when I was crazy busy in school.

To keep myself occupied, I've been watching all of the episodes in the Arrested Development series. I am in love with that show. I can't believe they took it off the air! (This obviously says something about the stupid TV watchers in this country...)

I can't decide which I think is funnier: AD, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or The Office. They're all great in their own ways, and each has the ability to make me laugh out loud so I guess it's a three-way tie.

Tobias continues to be my favorite AD character. I just watched the episodes with "Mrs. Featherbottom," and I've decided she might be the funniest creation ever on television...

The Mrs. Doubtfire ruse, the fake nose falling off, the British words/accent ("how about a banger in the mouth?"/"I have jolly good news, gov'nah"), and the British Mini car driven on the wrong side of the road have literally had me cackling away in my apartment like some kind of hyena.

And nothing could beat this scene...

I think I rewound it at least five times.

Yes, I do have spare time on my hands, and yes, I really love Tobias.


JC said...

AD is pure genius. I have a hard time choosing between Tobias or Gob as my favorite characters. The only good thing about them taking it off the air is that it didn't have a chance to get stale. Have you seen the Motherboy episode yet? That was one of my favs.

I love The Office and Curb too. AD and Curb are two shows that have made me literally laugh out loud many a time. You have great comedy taste!

Brandon said...

Can I borrow season 3 from you sometime if you have it? All I know about it is "Bob Loblaw's Law Blog."

Chickytava said...

Thanks, JC... and yes, I've seen Motherboy and thought it was hilarious, esp. when the heavy metal fans of "Motherboy" show up at the hotel where the dance is being held.

And B... I actually have been renting the episodes. I'll have Season 3 thru Sunday though if you want to borrow before then.