Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rainbows Aren't Just for Gays

I refuse to get schmaltzy this week, even with Chickytavaland's existence drawing to a close. I don't do schmaltz very well... it always seems fake and overdramatic to me.

I thought about writing some "why Tucson has been so fun and great" kind of blog entry or "what I've learned in grad school and/or from my friends" sort of piece (which actually would say something like... "it is possible to drink and go out four or five nights a week and still graduate with a 4.0"), but I think I just can't bring myself to do it. Not only is it too much work to write something semi-serious, but it seems a little cheesy.

That said, I must include this final schmaltzy inclusion in my blog:

I saw the most magnificent rainbow I believe I've ever seen tonight...

It was a full rainbow that arched all the way across Tucson.

Although the pictures don't do it justice, the rainbow was so bright you could see every single color clearly, and there was even a double rainbow for a while!

I was on my way over to Gerry's house for dinner when I first saw it, and I was so amazed that I drove back home to get my camera just to take these pictures...

You can see the color a little better here.

I don't remember ever seeing the sky look like that on the East coast. Actually, I don't remember seeing much of the sky there, period.

That is something I will really miss about Arizona.

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JC said...

Aww, a rainbow post!

But you're right, rainbows aren't just for gays, they're pretty damn cool. I love the panorama you created.